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Lauren Chilcote

Kaleidescope Skeleton Print | Lauren Chilcote
Logo and marks | Lauren Chilcote
Brushed Leopard Print | Lauren Chilcote
Logo exploration for Jolene Jolene | Lauren Chilcote
Heartbreaker Graphic | Lauren Chilcote
Summer Hibiscus Print | Lauren Chilcote
Fawn Over Me Graphic | Lauren Chilcote
Donut Print | Lauren Chilcote
Leopard Chevron Print | Lauren Chilcote
Don't Be Negative Graphic | Lauren Chilcote
Doodle Print | Lauren Chilcote
Juniors' Bra Packaging | Lauren Chilcote


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About Me

Lauren Chilcote

I'm a Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer living in Brooklyn, NY. My day job in the intimate apparel industry has me creating everything from graphic tees and underwear prints, to bra packaging and trend reports. In my spare time, I'm working on conquering the web. I design and code my own work, and am always up for a new challenge.

When not parked in front of my computer, you can find me chipping away at Netflix's documentary selection, sweating up a storm at Crossfit Greenpoint, or perfecting my weekend waffle recipe.

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